With the new season of The Great British Bake Off in progress, I have been hit with another wave of baking mania. And what better way to celebrate then actually trying out some of the things the baker’s are doing themselves.

The first episode of his series was Biscuit Week and I decided to go for the Technical Challange, which was Wagon Wheels. Set by Paul, this was clearly not a task for the faint hearted as it deals with multiple items:

  • The biscuit itself, which you can easily mess up from past experience
  • A Jam, which I’ve never done before
  • The marshmallow and
  • Melted chocolate to cover them up. 

And as expected, it was quite the challenge! The biscuit consists of two shortbread biscuits sandwiched between a raspberry jam and marshmallow filling – and from previous experience I am a mess at shortbread biscuits.  Followed the recipe to the letter but maybe it was a bit too warm in my kitchen and the dough crumbled quite a bit. I left it in the fridge quite a bit but working with it was quite tough.

The jam was quite straightforward – straining the seeds out was tough since the jam was quite thick but hey, maybe next time could take it off the heat before it thickens.

Now I never made marshmallow before, and I quickly messed it up when instead of adding water I’ve added the gelatin in the water and had to start again. At least got to use my new sugar thermometer!

But after cooling everything down, assembly was quick and straightforward albeit sticky! 

The recipe for Paul Hollywood’s Wagon Wheel biscuit can be found on the GBBO website.