So it’s been a second since the last post but work and life had taken over! Since then I have moved house, handed in my notice and starting a new job in a few weeks. You know, all the fun life stuff. I have been cooking in the but maybe not as attentively. I will have another go at them but for today I had a play around with meringues.

Now mind you I have never made meringues before but have been rewatching Bake Off (up to S03 at the moment) and well hello meringues. I know there are two types – French, which is sugar is beaten inside egg whites, and Italian, where a hot sugar syrup is whipped into the whipped egg whites till stiff. Other than that, I have no idea what to do with it – so I cracked out the Nigella books and came across a few but had to settle for this Lemon Pavlova.


So basically a pavlova consists of a meringue base usually filled with whipped cream and fruit. What could go wrong! Started off with the meringue, which found surprisingly easy to get together although the smoothing of the top and sides could have been done better.