Literally, The Green Cake, GBBO has clearly brought out another challenging bake for episode 2 and yes I am now regretting embarking on this. 

This cake combines a pistachio-flavoured Genoise sponge, a pistachio marzipan and an icing made with spinach. Yes, you read right, icing made with spinach. Reading up on it this seems to be only used for its natural colouring and shouldn’t taste of spinach. 

Interestingly this dessert is also known as le gâteau vert-vert de Claude Monet, as it was one of the French painter’s favourite desserts. As such, is now prepared with decorations that reflect the theme of some of Monet’s most famous works: flowers and water lilies.

And this was not the success I had hoped for.

Started off with the fact that the recipe calls for a food processor to make sure that everything is grind to a fine dust. Guess who doesn’t have one and thus ended up not having everything grind to a fine dust?

Started with the marzipan being too grainy as you can see in the picture, it felt okay working with it but clearly, something was already wrong. But then, when we got to the génoise – that’s when the fun really started. I have never made one before, and clearly, I failed – I did not beat the eggs long enough, the butter was too warm when I put it in with the eggs, and again the pistachio’s where too grainy.  Maybe I should have mastered a plain 
génoise before embarking on this! 

Making the crème au beurre was straightforward, to be honest, but again it was not runny enough so assembly was a mess. The marzipan broke apart quite easily and since the sponge didn’t rise, I had quite a flat cake to work with. The fondant was so thick that I had to push it over the edges to cover it up, but well you can see the final result!

Never minding the looks, the final product tasted amazing and will definitely give it another go – maybe when i have finally mastered the sponge!

The recipe for Prue Leith’s Le Gateau Vert can be found on the GBBO website.