About Me

Hi! I’m Dan and I’m a tech consultant in London. Between the crazy days working and catching up on TV shows, I’m trying to treat myself weekly with a new recipe! I’ve only really managed to get into cooking once I left my parent’s house but since then I’ve found myself cooking more and more as a way to relax, and well eat!

 This has been a long time coming but finally, I’m making it real. This is not a food blog….well it is a blog about food, but I’m in no way going to kid myself (or anyone) that I am some sort of chef that will be creating recipes or will anytime soon be the next Nigella.This is more of a diary; a diary of weekly treats. It started with a therapy session a while ago that told me that I should treat myself to something nice at least once a week to break from the daily routine. And now I decided to set myself this challenge – at least once a week, I will try to cook or bake something new or challenging and posting it here.

Let’s see how long this will last!